Washi Tape

Washi Tape

If you’re not familiar with all the things that you can do with washi tape then you need to start exploring. This is such an inexpensive way to decorate anything!

I’m not even kidding, you can just stick it on and peel it off so you can change it up all the time. It will stick to any smooth surface and it’s removable, so it’s not a huge commitment either.

Washi tape is an acid free tape that is made out of paper. Not your average paper, every paper you can possibly imagine. Every color, every pattern. You. Can. Imagine.

Check out some ideas of stuff you can decorate below and get inspired!

Decorate Keys

Do you always mix up your keys? Use washi tapes with different colors and patterns to identify your keys and to make them pretty.  This should be on every organizer’s list!

washi tape keys

Decorate Tea Lights

With this easy and simple diy, you can perk up your plain tea lights. For a special occasion, you can pop your washi tea light candles into classy glass votives. Then again, dressed up in their washi tape, they will also look great without a candle holder!

washi tape candles

Decorate Notebooks

Use washi tape to trim the edges your notebook’s sheets so it forms a colorful rainbow! Not only does it look great, but it can really help organizing the content and making it easy to find a specific page.


Decorate Phone Cases

You can pick up a clear phone case and use washi tape to decorate it any way you want.  Or you can just stick the tape right to your phone. You can change that pattern every time you change your clothes!


Make Postcards

Make your own unique postcard with washi tape. These cards are fast to make and look really nice!


Make Gift tags

Same goes for gift tags. Next time you have a birthday, why don’t you use the same washi tape for a birthday card and a gift tag to create some nice consistency?


Organize Bullet Journal

Washi tape can help you creating the layout for your bullet journal while adding a nice pop of colour to it! Use washi tape to make pretty pages or to design the actually boxes and banners for your bullet journal planner. Read my post about Bullet Journal if this subject interests you.


Make Bookmarks

Just add some washi tape to regular clips and you’ll have some super cool and creative bookmarks!


Decorate Pencils and Pens

Have old pens and pencils lying around or want to spruce up some new ones? Just add some washi tape around them and they will look completely different and prettier!


Decorate Cables and Chargers

If you want people at the office to know that the charger is yours, just wrap it around some washi tape! This way it will look really cool and nobody can take it and say it’s theirs anymore! You can also create some tags around the cables at home with the names of the devices they belong to (‘iphone’, ‘tablet’, ‘kindle’, etc.) so you don’t get lost.


Create Mini Bunting

Bunting is always a fun item to use for decorations and it’s so easy to make your own.  You can make mini bunting celebrations – for a cake topper or on a greeting card.  All you need is some string and some washi tape. Ready, set, go!


Create Desk Cup

After you have modified your pencils and pens, it’s time to create a nice desk cup for your office supplies! All you need is a simple Pringles can and some washi tape!


Decorate Frames

Tired of your old plain photo frames? Just give them a new life with some washi tape! Your pictures will come to life and you can match the frames with the decoration theme you have going on.


Decorate Plant Vases

Are you a fan of plants? If you’re like me, you have a lot of small plants lying around your house. With washi tape you can give them a new look!


Decorate Nails

This is so much easier than using polish to decorate your nails! Go ahead and stick your pretty tape on and put a coat of clear polish over the top to make them a little more durable. You can make them match or make them all different. This is another project that you can change with every outfit!

Did you know that you can use washi tape to decorate your nails?  via @washimoshi featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

Decorate Clothespins

You can use clothespins for all kinds of things! To close a bag of chips, to have a string across a wall or window with clips, etc. With washi tape they will look even nicer!

Decorate your own clips and  use them for holding photos or chip clips  via @premipro_arts featured on WildflowersAndWanderlust.com

Decorate Light Switches and Outlet Covers

The small details matter too! Decorate your light switches and outlet covers at home and see what a big difference it makes in the vibe of the place!


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