I’ve always loved Photography, but never actually learned or mastered the techniques. This lack of knowledge led me to do an online course on Udemy about it, and I will now share the main things I’ve learned there.

Shot Composition Types

  • Perspective
  • Vantage Point
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Dead Space

1. Perspective

Low Angle

The lower that you shoot, the bigger your subject looks.

Image result for low angle picture

High Angle

High angle can make your subject appear smaller and increase the depth of an image.

Image result for high angle photography

Lateral Movement

This is basically moving left to right and shooting the subject from the left, center or right and choose the angle you think looks the best.


1st Person POV

This shows the photographer’s point of view, usually showing a leg or an arm. This places the viewer in the eye of the photographer.

Image result for pov photography

2. Composition

Vantage Point: Point of focus created by leading lines. There are two different types of leading lines: geometric and organic.


These lines are often found in streets and buildings. They are straight and obvious to follow.



These lines are often found in nature like mountains, trees, rivers, etc. They tend to bend and curve more, but always lead to a specific area.


3. Rule of Thirds

This is the act of separating your frame into 9 parts with 3 columns (grid). You can place the subject on the first or last column to draw attention to the composition as a whole rather than a single point. It includes the background as a second subject and gives a wider picture of what the main subject is looking at.


4. Dead Space

Dead space is considered any space behind a subject without any distracting elements. It is used to highlight a single subject with nothing more than a wide open area: with backgrounds that are far away, empty, and/ or have just one tone of colour.


Filling the frame

This is just a style choice, but sometimes it looks nice to add some elements to eliminate dead space with objects in the surrondings.


Macro Photography

Macro photoghaphy means shooting extremely close up, commonely done on insects and plants.

Image result for macro photography



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