Candle Making

Candle Making

This is a very basic homemade candles guide. Scented candles are easy — and cheap! — to make. You can get all the materials online, or at your local craft store, and you can buy candle fragrances online, too, in small or large batches.



  • Heat-resistant pouring pitcher
  • Old saucepan
  • Canning jars
  • Cooking thermometer
  • Soy wax flakes
  • Candle wicks
  • Fragrance or essential oils
  • clothespins (to hold wicks in place)

I used some jam jars I was going to throw away. As for the rest, I bought everything online on AliExpress.

I bought 60pcs of candle wicks and stickers for €2,95. The cooking thermometer cost €1,34. The pitcher – in this case, a wax melting pot 400ml was €7,98. Finally, 200g of pure soy wax flakes were €4,10. In total, I spent €16,37. It might seem like a lot, but most of the stuff I bought will last long. Also, scented candles are crazy expensive nowadays!

I could only make two candles with the amount of wax I bought so I do suggest you buy a bigger pack of wax online. I didn’t buy more because I didn’t know how easy it is to make candles, but trust me – it is pretty easy!



Melt 450g of soy wax in the pitcher over a double-boiler with the saucepan. Heat to 85°C.


When the melted wax is at 85°C, add 30g of your favorite essential oil. Remove from heat.


As the wax cools, place the wicks inside the jars, centering it as best you can. Secure it in place with clothespins.


When the wax has cooled to 57°C, carefully pour it into the prepared jars.


Let the jars cool overnight. Before lighting your candles, trim the wicks to 6mm.


Light and enjoy!

This was my first attempt it went pretty well! I used cinnamon essential oil to give it a warm and cozy winter feeling aroma. Give it a try as well and tell me how it went!

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