Beer Caps

Beer Caps

What is it about bottle caps that makes them so intriguing? Maybe it’s the fact that they are little souvenirs of our favorite drinks. Or it could be their compact size & ready availability make them easy to collect.

It’s time you get your bottle cap collection out, and turn them into something beautiful. Even simple beer cap crafts, when skillfully executed, turn into nice DIY projects.

Fridge Magnets

One cool idea is to create and decorate fridge magnets using beer caps. You need to resize some images you like so they fit the interior of the caps and print them out. Use puff paints or glitter to decorate the caps. Once you’re done with painting, you can use a two-part resin called Envirotex Lite in the cap covering all the paint. Lastly, glue a magnet on!


Picture Frame

Using a similar concept, you can print out pictures of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend, fit them inside beer caps and place them in a picture frame. You can add some initials or special dates to create some variety. This can be a nice Valentine’s Day gift idea!


Christmas Ornaments

It’s Christmas time! If you think Christmas ornaments are too expensive, why not make them yourself? Beer caps can look pretty cool on a Christmas tree! All you need is some rope and lots of imagination!


If you have a love for bottled beer and DIY projects, then making a beer bottle cap table is likely going to be right up your alley. It’s functional, unique and a fairly easy project if you know what you’re doing. If you have a bar or pub, this can also be an interesting addition to the decoration of your space.


Chalkboard Edges

Another nice idea if you have a bar or pub is to write the menu specials or funny quotes on a chalkboard with edges decorated with beer caps.


Wind Chime

Wind chimes are commonly used to maximize the flow of chi or life’s energy. Try creating your own wind chime with beer caps. You haven’t heard true music until you’ve experienced the delicate clankity-clank of metal slapping together in the breeze.



If you enjoy reading a book and have the bad habit of folding the edge of the page to know where you stop, try creating an original bookmark with a paper clip. Know any avid readers? They might appreciate this bookmark as well.


Mini Statues

If you are really crafty, you can give it a try and make some small statues with beer caps. As you spend 8 hours a day at your desk, these little statues will help you daydream about your favorite pass times.