Smudge Sticks


Smudging is an ancient practice that clears low vibrations and negative energies. It is commonly used to purify a space before a ritual or meditation. This form of aromatherapy can also reduce stress, balance your energy, and cleanse your home. Learn more about the different types of smudge sticks and how to use them!


What is Smudging

Smudging is the act of burning herb or wood sticks to get rid of negative energy on yourself, your home or any space. Smudging can be useful when you’re feeling depressed, angry, resentful or unwell, also after you have had an argument with someone, or simply if you have felt a negative energy in your home.

Smudging is a technique used for thousands of years by Native Americans, as well as in ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt, as a way to cleanse a space from negative energy.


How to choose a smudge stick

It is important to know that all plants are sacred, not just sage. Different plants/ woods carry various properties and benefits, so if you hold a specific intention for your smudging ritual, you should select an herb that resonates with that intention.

Here are some of the most famous smudge sticks, and what they are used for:


White Sage

White sage is best known as a ceremonial smudge plant, to purify spaces. Apart from its antibacterial properties, it can change the mood and energy of a room or a person. It is also commonly used to cleanse a space before meditation.

white sage


Palo Santo

‘Palo Santo’ translates to ‘Holy Wood’. This is an ancient and powerful healing wood from Peru that has been used by shamans for centuries – and it smells amazing. Palo Santo is known for its power to clearing negative energies associated with illness, as well as inspiring creativity, bringing a deeper connection to the divine source and aiding in physical healing.

Palo Santo



Juniper is usually burned for ritual purification and to invigorate the mind and body when tired.




Mugwort is used traditionally to bring clarity and develop psychic abilities, as well as to cleanse energies and get rid of negativity. It has a reputation for stimulating dreams, therefore, many burn it before bedtime.




It is known for banishing fear. People have used cedar to drive out negative energy, bring in good influences, and even to bless a new house when people are moving in.




Rosemary is a powerful cleanser for your home and your own aura. It’s associated with fire, sun and masculine energy. Scientific evidence also suggests that rosemary stimulates the memory centers of the brain.



How to use Smudging Sticks

In order to do this, you can make your own smudge sticks or buy them online. To make your own stick, you just have to wrap a 100% cotton string around the chosen herb, and make a knot at the bottom.

To smudge it, light one end of the stick and let it catch fire. Extinguish the fire and let the smoke billow from the stick. Walk around your home letting the smoke get anywhere, in every room, in cupboards and small spaces. As the smoke rises into the air, picture your intention, whatever it may be.

The smoke is not dangerous and will not harm your pets. Use a bowl or a dish to catch any ashes. When finished, extinguish your smudge or let it burn out on its own. It’s often said that it will burn as long and strong as needed to fulfill the intention.

The beauty of smudging is that it can be done any time, and as often as you need, no matter your background or culture.