Gym Exercises

Gym Exercises

I used to be very sedentary. I pretty much always had a car during my adult years and started being really lazy because of it. However, since I started dating Alejandro a couple of years ago, he made me change.

He is super fit and into exercising and eating healthy. He goes to the gym like 4-5 times/ week and he plays football as well. I remember that he pushed me into signing up to the gym back in Jan 2018. I’ve been going non-stop ever since. Some weeks more, some weeks less, but I learned to integrate that into my weekly routine and I feel much better now.

In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing, but Alejandro helped me and taught me to do things right and improve my posture. Pinterest was also one of my great allies. If you just joined a gym and you feel lost surrounded by fit people who seem to know exactly what they are doing, don’t worry! Soon you can be one of those people as well.

Below are lists of simple exercises you can do if you’re just starting out.

Stretching Exercises

It is very important that you always start by doing some stretching exercises. These exercises reduce muscle tension and increase your range of motion. Stretching is very important to avoid pain and muscle strains, as you prepare your body for the exercises that come next.

Legs & Butt Exercises

These are the exercises I do more often. If you’re a girl, it is normal that you focus your attention on your lower body: legs and butt.

Upper Body Exercises

Even though I do leg exercises most of the time, sometimes I need to change it up a bit and I work on my upper body: arms, chest, back. Since I don’t do it often, I don’t have a lot of strength in my arms, so I use light weights: 3-4 kgs usually.

Abs Exercises

Usually, I finish up my exercise routine with 7-10 min of cardio (treadmill, bike or step). However, at least once a week I try to finish my exercise with some abs instead of cardio.

I used to hate doing abs because your tummy will hurt for a couple of days if you don’t do it often. But with time I saw the importance of doing it, as I was usually doing just leg exercises and felt that even though my legs were getting toned, my belly was still flaccid. My goal is for every area to be balanced.

So these are the exercises I do when I go to the gym. If you don’t do any type of exercise, remember: exercising makes you happier, relaxes you, gets you in shape and gives you more energy! Do something today 🙂